Products and Pricing effective 1 July 2023

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Property Information

$76.56 inc GST of $6.96

This package includes street and aerial photos of the property as well as:

  • Landslip Hazard Bands
  • Proclaimed Landslip Areas
  • Advisory Landslip Zones
  • Mining Leases & Tenements
  • Engineering Geology
$35.60 inc GST of $0.00

Provides a copy of the current title and folio for the property.

$15.40 inc GST of $1.40

Provides current property details including sales and valuation history.


$22.55 inc GST of $2.05

A number of environmental issues may affect this property, although depending on its location some may not be relevant. Please select as many as you or your client may be interested in as there is a single fee for this section of the report.

  • Launceston Flood Level
  • Private Timber Reserves
  • Water Management Plans

Utilities & Government Agencies

$53.96 inc GST of $0.86

Identifies whether or not a place is affected by any action, decision or determination under the Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995.

$53.46 inc GST of $4.86

Provides an assessment of the location of any TasNetworks transmission line easements, within or near the property, to identify any potential issues with future development.

Please allow 2-5 working days for the results to be posted directly from TasNetworks. For more information download the Wayleave Information Sheet.

$11.77 inc GST of $1.07

These factsheets provide information on the infrastructure for distribution of natural gas in Tasmania. They indicate whether the distribution network affects the property and whether natural gas is available to the property.

  • Tasmanian Gas Pipeline
  • Gas Rollout